Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


 Are the carpet stains becoming unbearable to look at?

We can restore your carpet back to life… giving it the plush appearance and comfortable feel that invites you to sleep on it!

 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Andress Inc. combines certified technicians, cutting-edge technology, an efficient carpet-care system, and a 16-hour live customer support center to meet your carpet and upholstery needs. 

By hot-water extracting the grease and dirt from the carpet & upholstery, we create a clean surface from the fiber root to the fiber top.

Our specialized service technicians combine chemical, cleaning action, and cutting edge equipment to reduce drying time to 3 hours.

We use rotary action cleaning for those deep-soiled, matted areas.  Rotary action actually flushes and then simultaneously removes all bacterial laden soil through 450 hot-water injections and extractions per minute.

Our focus is to remove the dirt and grease from your home each cleaning that we perform!

        So let us work on your floor, so your floor can work for you!!!            

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