Tile & Grout Cleaning


Mopping pushes the dirt across the room and down into the cracks.  Our approach attacks and removes the ground in dirt that cannot be removed by daily mopping or buffing.  Our cylinder shaped brushes allow us to dig down into the grout lines to recover the dissolved embedded wax, urine, dirt, etc. that accumulated over time destroying the tile finish and suppressing the clean air.  Andress Inc. recommends that this cleaning process be done at least 2 – 4 times a year.

By extracting the grease and dirt from the tile and grout, we create a safe surface free of slippery film; producing an excellent rating on the anti-slip coefficient test.

 Our specialized service can enhance the cleanliness throughout your facility by restoring the tile to its natural beauty.

 Etching can change the appearance of the tile and cause extra dirt build-up as the tile aggressively scrapes additional dirt off shoes.

Tile is designed to knock surface-dirt off the shoe and keep the majority of the dirt compacted on the shoe; thus we do not etch the tile (making the tile surface coarser).


Our focus is to remove the dirt and grease from your building each cleaning!

So let us work on your floor, so your floor can work for you!!!

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